Rotary Fellowship of Real Estate

A place for rotarians and friends to share business, friendship and community service

ROTARY FELLOWSHIP OF REAL ESTATE has managed to unite in an integrated system Rotary members and Friends from the Real Estate sector at an international level who share a triple objective: the development of business interests within an ethical and trusting environment, the development of fellowship and the promotion of community service as an engine of change towards a better world.


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Reasons to Join Us

Stablish Sinergies

A trusted space between Rotarians and friends to share information and business opportunities in the real estate sector

Analyze Market Trends

The members of the fellowship will join a technology integrated community, with a secure channel for connecting business interests in a trusted environment. The App will allow the integration of people and opportunities, the possibility of  accessing profiles, events and valuable opportunities.

Stimulate Fellowship

Our goal is to develop and promote worldwide friendship and international understanding and peace.

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Rotary Fellowship Of Real Estate

The purpose of this Rotary Fellowship is to share information of interest about Real Estate market among Rotary members and Friends, establish synergies, analyze market trends and to stimulate fellowship from Rotary members maintaining an interest in Real Estate.

María del Mar Luque, Head of Investor Relations at Smart Meeting

María del Mar Luque


Francisco Cánovas


Emile ISsa

Emile Issa

Membership Officer

Emilio Codon, CEO de Feliu Ultramar

Emilio Codon


Francisco M. Luna, CEO de Dicons Consultores

Francisco M. Luna

Sergeant of Arms


Ambassadors of Real Estate Fellowship


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